He Man Womun Haters Club Website
“Proof that your wife/girlfriend is not the craziest one out there”

Spanky: Let’s start a club right now. The He-man Womun-haters. I’ll be president.
Alfalfa And I’ll be second president, and you can be third president.
Buckwheat Thanks.
Spanky Alright, get up and do exactly what I do. Put your hand on your heart, and raise your other hand. We, the He-man Womun-haters club…
Alfalfa and Buckwheat We, the he-man womun-haters club…
Spanky …promise not to fall for this Valentine’s business…
Alfalfa and Buckwheat …promise not to fall for this Valentine’s business…
Spanky …because girls are the bunk.
Alfalfa and Buckwheat …because girls are the bunk.


Enter the Google Groups Site

(no girls allowed!)


Note:          Although the title includes the word “haters”, this club is not about hate at all.


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