This site was created to give men a place come read stories about
how crazy “other” women really are.  The idea is that you will feel
better knowing that you are not as unique as you might think.  A secondary purpose of the site is to provide humor in the form of jokes and what-not.

As a “user-created-content” site, it is important to share your
stories as they happen.  Special status will be given to men who seem
to have exceptionally crazy women, so stay on top of your


There seems to be misunderstanding about the intent of all this.  To clarify, let me explain that the creation of this website was a result of a lighthearted conversation, my complete lack of understanding of the female brain, and my attempt to use humor to cope with it all.  The “Heman Womun Haters Club” is from a TV show a long time ago, and was a favorite of many kids from the era before MTV.  If you are offended or turned off by anything you see here, then you are not the intended audience, and you should probably move on to something more worthy of your time!

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